Monitoring Software
IMZ-NS100 Software Series
The IMZ-NS100 Series is easy to use and free from complicated operation - users find it simple to set up connected cameras and to set frame rates for recording. They can also easily monitor, search, and play back events with intuitive manipulation. A scalable security system can be set up in client/server configuration using more than one server installed with the IMZ-NS100 Series and/ or using the NSR-1000 Series Video Network Surveillance Server from Sony (which is perfectly compatible with the IMZ-NS100 Series).

IMZ-RS400 Software Series
Sony introduces the IMZ-RS400 Series*1 Intelligent Monitoring Software, which incorporates intelligent video analytics – “Video Motion Filter Alarms” and “Video Motion Filter Searches” – using metadata to provide operational efficiency and a high level of security. “Video Motion Filter Alarms” allow users to define rules to trigger alarms on live monitoring/recording so that crucial events are easily called to the attention of the guard and/or recorded. “Video Motion Filter Searches” allow users to define search criteria so that events of interest are easily searched for in the recorded information.